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Boomer Consumer Book

Valuable Insights into the Hearts, Minds
and Wallets of Today's Baby Boomers

Boomer Consumer: Ten New Rules for Marketing to America's Largest, Wealthiest and Most Influential Group is the new marketing book from the founders of the Boomer Project, considered by many as the nation's leading authority on advertising and marketing to today's Boomer Consumers.

Based on national research among one million Boomers, and on-going monthly surveys among 7,000+ consumers done by BIGresearch, this book provides a complete portrait of today's Boomers, who have reached their "Middle Age of Aquarius."

Authors Matt Thornhill and John Martin reveal the keys to understanding Boomers at this stage of life and what it means for organizations trying to market and sell to them. Included are ten practical "New Rules" for marketing to Boomers.

Thornhill & Martin

Boomer Consumer (Linx Books, July 2007) is available now at booksellers everywhere and online at and

This site contains more information for readers of The Book, some information about The Authors. Plus, you can read The Blog, which is updated almost daily with the latest from the world of Boomer marketing. Contact us for more information or for interviews with Matt Thornhill and John Martin.

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